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7 steps to build yl bus no aud



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7 steps to build yl bus no aud

  1. 1. + Young Living Business 7 Simple Steps to growing a YL business. Instructor: Ashley Boyd YL ID: 1270543
  2. 2. + About Me: Ashley Boyd Young Living ID: 1270543
  3. 3. + How my business has grown 9 14 21 28 36 46 95 129 169 227 304 3601,497 1,754 2,774 3,342 4,353 6,115 9,931 14,242 18,304 28,105 32,892 30,245 Jan. '13 Feb. '13 Mar. '13 April '13 May '13 June '13 July '13 Aug. '13 Sept. '13 Oct. '13 Nov. '13 Dec. '13 YL business growth 2013 Team Members Group Volume
  4. 4. + 2014 422 1,063 1,984 2604 34,090 87,447 144,800 202,934 Jan May Sept. Nov. YL business growth 2014 Team Members Group Volume
  5. 5. + 7 Steps to Grow Your Business  Use the products  Learn the basics  Share the products  Share your stories  Teach others  Share the benefits  Duplicate yourself
  6. 6. + 1. Use the Products  Get on the ER program.  If you want maximum bonuses and commissions, you need to have 100 PV ER order a month, so budget it!  Try something new! – Earning Promos starting at 190 PV.
  7. 7. + Essential Rewards  50 PV a month (share your discount with others!)  Earn a percentage of your PV back in ER points  10% the first 6 months  15% in months 7-12  20% after 12 months!  1 ER point = 1 PV  Get one grace month per year.  Flat-rate shipping  Special pricing on new ER kits
  8. 8. + 2. Learn the Basics  You don’t have to have all the answers, you just need to know where to find them!  Resources  Essential Oils Desk Reference & Pocket Reference –from Life Science Publishers  Higley Reference Guide, Pocket Reference & numerous other books –  Oil Testimonials –  Healthier Thymes App  Virtual Office – Distributor Resources  Young Living Live Chat  YouTube – Terry Tillhart and others!  Facebook – YL fan page (Anointed Living), FB groups
  9. 9. + 3. Share the Products  New YL Sample packets  Buy small dram bottles and share the oils!  Carry them with you!  Be a blessing to others!  Don’t let people take advantage of this!
  10. 10. + 4. Tell your stories  You have success stories!  Share them with friends and family  Seek out testimonies of others to share with those who need them.  Share them through social media
  11. 11. + Remember this...?
  12. 12. + The Power of Social Media  Facebook  80% of time spent on the internet is spent on Facebook!  Use a FB Fan Page to gain interest and leads.  Like other YL pages  Add custom tabs  Use FB Groups.  More people pay attention than you realize. FB widens your network!  YouTube  Create a YouTube channel  I have had almost 800 views of my Intro to Oils class video.  Pinterest  Create a Health or Oils board! The more integrated your Social Media is, the better. If you have a website, make sure the links are available on every page, channel or board you create.
  13. 13. + 5. Teach Others the Basics  Share the “110 Ways to Use the Everyday Oils” booklet.  Just tell your stories, your experiences.  Teach a class – Just DO it!!  What people want to know  The basics of using oils (3 methods of use, what is a carrier oil?)  Uses for the most versatile oils (Everyday Oils)  YOUR experiences with the oils  They want to smell and test them.
  14. 14. + 6. Share the Benefits  Wholesale membership (not distributor!)  24% off  Start living kit  New kit options!  Essential Rewards  50 PV a month (share your discount with others!)  Earn a percentage of your PV back in ER points  10% the first 6 months  15% in months 6-12  20% after 12 months!  1 ER point = 1 PV  Get one grace month per year.  Flat-rate shipping  Special pricing on new ER kits!
  15. 15. + 7. Duplicate Yourself!  Invest in your team!  Stay connected with them!  Know your team and their needs  Know their strengths and weaknesses  Pray for them  Provide them with the resources they need  Encourage them to share with others  Encourage them to teach others  Teach them how to do what you have done  Share your successes & struggles with them.  The goal is to make them self-sufficient, and teach them to make others self-sufficient.
  16. 16. + In a nutshell... It’s about Passion, Education and Duplication!! Ashley Boyd Young Living ID: 1270543

Editor's Notes

  • Thanks for joining me for this class on building a Young living business. I’m going to talk what has worked for me in growing my business. This is definitely not the ONLY way to work a Young Living business and make it successful, but I know this is what is working for me and it’s been ridiculously easy!
  • My name is Ashley Boyd, and I’ve been using Young Living Essential oils for almost 2 years. Concern for the health of my family led me to oils, and I never had any intention to run the business side of things. I taught my first oils class in August of 2012, when a friend talked me into it! When I saw the ladies at that class respond to what I was teaching them, I realized how badly people need this information!

    That friend signed up, and I taught a few more classes in my home... And a few more signed up. The word began to spread, and we have had SO many incredible testimonies of people changing their health. I have been so blessed to be a part of this journey to better health for so many people... It really became a ministry for me, and I knew God was in it.

    By March of this year 2013, I had 24 people on my team and a Group Volume of almost 3,000! THAT was when I had to admit I had a business on my hands. Let’s start by taking a look at the growth of my team over this past year.
  • This shows my growth since that first class. The only thing I can truly say is that God has had His Hand on my business. He is truly responsible for growing it. It grew almost completely on accident up until March. At that point I decided to be more serious about what I was doing and begin training my downline to teach their own classes. We just made Executive in June, and we’re set to hit Silver in 6 easy and earn the Aroma Complete kit! In fact, I had one of my downline hit executive this month, so we’re encouraging one another to get to that goal.
    14K in volume seems like a huge number... Until you divide it by 134 team members! This is why the network marketing structure is great. You aren’t working alone toward goals. I also want to add that in July and August, I only personally enrolled about 12 people. We added 88 new people to our team in those two months, but 76 of those were added by my downline! This is exponential growth. You teach people about oils, then you teach them to share that information with others! I wanted you to see this so that you can see that I’m not there, yet! I still have my goals. I want to walk across the stage at convention 2014 as a Platinum, and I have a long ways to go! I wanted you to see some realistic results and now I’m going to show you just how incredibly simple it has been.
  • Here are the 7 steps that I’ve identified and used to grow my business. I want to start by saying that our focus is ALWAYS on educating others, never on selling. I have NEVER sold an oil. I simply share educational information about the oils and encourage people to do their own research. This takes all the pressure off of both parties, because my ONLY goal is to give them information with no expectations. I believe the information we have to share is so incredibly life-changing that people NEED to hear it!
  • Step number one is using the products!! I know this seems like a given, but seriously... you can not talk about products or teach people about product that you DON’T use! So start using them! I love these products so much that I would use them even if I never earned a dime from Young Living and that passion comes across when I share them with others.... You can’t love what you don’t use.
    I started with the Everyday Oils kit... and I immediately got on the Essential Rewards Program and budgeted $50 a month for oils. It was a commitment to my family’s health that I wanted to make every month. Once I started having people sign up under me, I made sure I had 100PV in my ER order every month, so I would be eligible for ALL commissions and bonuses. You can check out my Young Living Compensation Plan video for more information about how that works. The great thing is that by this time I had commission checks coming in, so it wasn’t hard to increase my monthly Young Living budget to 100.

    I also try to make sure I try something new every month. This month it was the deodorant, which I LOVE! If you earn the monthly promotion which usually starts around 190PV, then you’ll get some great new things to try for free!
  • Here are some of the basics of the Essential Rewards Program. It’s an autoship program where you commit to order at least 50 PV a month and you earn a percentage of that PV back in ER points. I started by sharing my discount with others, so that I could have a bigger order and thus earn more ER points. You can change what you order each month, so it makes it SO easy to for others to jump in on your order with you.
    You can see that you earn 10% of your PV back in ER points for the first 6 months. So if you order 100PV in an ER order, you earn 10 ER points for that month. That percentage jumps to 15 for the second 6 months, and 20% after that! The best part is cashing in these points for free product. When doing this one ER point is worth 1 PV... So an item that is worth 24 PV will cost 24 ER points. You also get one grace month per year, in case you have something crazy come up and you need to skip a month. There’s also flat-rate shipping, which makes the whole thing that much less expensive for you! There are also several options for Essential Rewards kits that have special pricing ONLY for ER members. So there are SEVERAL ways to save a ton of money with the ER program, and get more product into your home!
  • The next thing that is essential to your business is continuing to educate yourself on the products and ways to use them. You need to understand at LEAST the basics of oils and how to use them. The great news here is that you don’t have to have all the answers... You just need to know where to find them! Here’s a great list of resources for continuing your education on essential oils. I think a good Essential Oils Reference guide is a must. There is the Essential Oils Desk Reference from Life Science Publishers which contains everything you could ever want to know about the Young Living Products.... Including a lot of chemistry stuff about oils that I can’t even begin to comprehend. The Higley Reference guide is also really helpful but focuses more on the practical uses for the oils. Oil is an incredible website where you can look up testimonies for specific issues. You can have this same convenience on your smart phone with the Healthier Thymes App. Nice to have on the go.
    There’s also a ton of great stuff in the Virtual office under Distributor Resources. If I’m not able to find an answer on my own, I’ll ask Live Chat. Our YL customer service is incredible, and they’re always eager to help us out. Social Media has begun to play a larger part in Young Living, how we educate ourselves and one another. You can find all kinds of educational videos on YouTube... I’m a fan of Terry Tillhart and the information he shares. You can also “like” Facebook Fan pages... Because there’s a ton of educational materials shared on those. Mine fan page is called Antointed Living. There are also educational groups where you can post questions and learn from others.
  • This is the MOST fun part of building the business. Sharing the products with others. You love these products for a reason... They have changed the health of our family... So I love them for an incredible reason! How could I not share that with others?? I honestly feel like it’s selfish to keep my mouth closed on this!
    The new YL Sample packets make this super-simple.... There are also dram bottles you can buy to give people samples from full sized bottles you already own. I carry a bag of oils with me everywhere I go. I’ve had several instances where I felt led to give someone an oil. Recently I saw a good friend in the grocery store who is going through a rough time and she told me that she is having trouble sleeping.. Through our conversation, I felt led to give her my bottles of Release and Lavender. I gave her the full bottles I had, because I felt like that is what I was supposed to do. Recently a group of my oily friends and I got together to bless someone in our church who is battling an autoimmune disorder. We knew that this family had tried many things over the years, and had no idea how open they’d be to spending money on the Young Living products.... So we decided to go in together and bless them. I, personally, just allow God to lead me in this. There have been times that I felt led to give oils to people and I had no idea how they would react, or if they would ever even use them. This is just an obedience thing for me, because I believe this is a ministry, for me. On the other hand, you have to be careful with this, as well. When people realize you will offer them a sample when they ask if you have anything for a cough, or whatever ailment they have at the time... Sometimes they’ll just use this strategy rather than buying the oils themselves. So be giving, and generous with the oils... But, of course, be discerning and cautious, as well.
  • I think this step is crucial, and it’s also where people tend to fall short. If you are using the products, you have success stories! Why do you love the oils? What great experiences have you had with them? Those are the stories people want to hear. They care more about your success stories than anything else.

    We all have friends and family members with health issues. Find testimonies that help with these issues and pass them on! I have had family members be totally resistant to oils, but when I sent them a testimony and suggested an oil, most of the time they’d be willing to give it a try. Social media is an incredible way to educate others about oils. You never know what people may need or may be going through. Sometimes just posting a great testimony about how much lavender has helped you with sleeping may resonate with a ton of people. It’s not an attempt to sell anything... Simply a way to share something that has worked for you. Trust me that even if people don’t comment on these posts, they are paying attention! You might even consider creating your own business page that others can like, so you aren’t blowing up your personal FB newsfeed with it.
  • Okay... So that brings me back to Social Media. Social Media is an asset to growing your business. It is a fast, simple way to educate others about Young living products. If you keep your posts educational... Then it is also not pushy at all. It is simply a way to get the information out there.

    80% of time spent on the internet today is spent on FB... So having a presence there widens your network incredibly! Create your own FB Fan Page, and join FB groups to continue educating yourself and others. You might even want to start a group of your own for your own downline.

    Youtube is also incredible... If you’re handy with PowerPoint or good on camera. Pinterest is another great way to share charts and graphics. Dolf Cheng has some incredible graphics out there that he creates for YL. Most people love to see their graphics floating around. If it’s your thing, make your own! We live in a very visual society, so a graphic that gets the information out there in a visually appealing way is very helpful. The biggest thing about social media is making sure that all of your pages are integrated. I have my YouTube channel and Pinterest board tabbed on my FB fan page, and my Website and Fan page linked on my YouTube. This draws traffic to your website or fanpage no matter which thing people come across first!
  • It is great to share oils and testimonies with others, but if you really want to change their lives... You have to be willing to educate them on the proper use of oils. There is a TON to learn... And we all know how overwhelming it was when we first started learning. Break it down for people and be there for them to answer questions. Whenever someone FIRST approaches me about oils, I share the “110 Ways to Use the Everyday Oils” booklet. You can order these pre-printed... Or you can just search and download a PDF file of it. I email the PDF to anyone who comes to a class, and I pass it on to anyone who contacts me through FB or email. I love it because it gives a ton of basics about oils, AND a ton of uses. Like I mentioned before, just share your stories. A lot of us have learned through trial and error, so share what your experiences have been. Teach an intro to oils class... JUST DO IT!! It isn’t nearly as scary as it seems. I taught my first class because a friend asked me to... Even though I insisted that I didn’t know much about oils! I had been using them for about a year at the time, and my friend said... “Well... We don’t know anything... So just teach us what you DO know!”... And I did. I simply shared what got me into oils in the first place, and my experiences with the everyday oils. I honestly had forgotten how much I had learned through the process. People need to know the basics of using oils... The three methods of use, application, ingestion and inhalation or diffusion. And simple things like what a carrier oil is and when you should use it. I didn’t share a ton of chemistry things with them... Or even much about the history of YL. I just shared my experience.... And that is really what people want to hear the most. I also passed the oils around so that everyone could smell them... Because we all love the opportunity to smell and test things out. I had one experience where a friend who had been dealing with a consistent headache for months put peppermint on the back of her neck and within 5 minutes it was gone. She was a believer after that! I also want to mention that I have never done more than three classes in a month. I often simply open up my home and invite others to come. This is VERY different than the traditional network marketing “party”... It is simply a class to educate others. There are no products for people to buy, only resources, information and stuff for them to test! I just want to say that this business can be built without filling up every single weeknight with a class or party. Granted, I’m sure it would grow faster like that, but I have had great success just doing one to three classes a month.
  • The next step is sharing the benefits. This is one where I think a lot of people get hung up, because they feel like they’re being a salesman if they tell someone about the membership opportunity or Essential Rewards. I just want you to think back to why you decided to go with a Wholesale Membership and an ER membership... THAT is what you tell others. Your experiences, and why you made those choices. Even though the wholesale membership is technically the same thing as a distributor... I don’t use the term distributor. I use the term member.... Because that is all that is expected of them. I never want people to feel pressured to do this as a business... And I NEVER discuss the Business side of Young Living in a basic oils class. I want people to see the benefits of the membership and how easy it is to maintain. At $40 a month, no yearly fee and a simple $50 minimum per year to maintain your discount, the membership option is a steal and something beneficial for anyone who uses oils. My goal is to always make people independent. I want them to have the information they need to make their own decisions about their health... And then I want them to be able to go and order what they want without having to go through me.

    I also share the greatness of Essential Rewards with everyone. I personally have gotten well over $600 in free products over the past two years with my ER points. You don’t have to pressure people into doing this, but just share the information with them so that they can KNOW the benefits when their ready. I also encourage people to share their discount with friends and family to help make sure they can commit to the monthly order.
  • The last step of the process is where I am, and why I’m creating this Power Point! The last step is to duplicate yourself. If you reach out to people and teach them about oils and want to share with others, that is incredible... But if you train others to do the same... Then you’re able to reach more people than you could ever DREAM of reaching on your own. Remember my growth in July and August? Remember how I only had personally enrolled 12 people... But my TEAM added 76 people?? That is how this business works. If you plan to make this a business, and not just a hobby, then this is the really crucial step. You have to invest in your team. Stay connected with them and be there for them. I KNOW my team. I know their strengths and weaknesses... And I pray for them, by name! I know what their goals are, and I know when they are struggling. Teaching others about the business side is a lot like teaching them about the oils. You have to provide them with resources. You may not know what all the answers are, but you need to know where to find them. A lot of times that information comes from Customer Service or the Distributor Resources. If you have resources that you create or find for classes or education... Share them with your downline! We’re all working together as a team, and that makes it so much more fun. I think encouraging your downline is key. It’s easy to get discouraged or overwhelmed in this business. Encourage them to share with others, and encourage them to branch out at teach their own classes. Train them to do what you have done. I think it’s key to share your successes and struggles with your team. I want them to know what my goals are... Not so that they feel pressured, but so that they can be a part of the success! I send out a monthly FB message to everyone directly under me... Sharing with them how much we have grown that much, and how much we surpassed my goals (because we always do!) The idea is to duplicate yourself. You want your team to feel comfortable leading their own teams... So that is going to take support and training from you... But eventually they’ll be able to do most of it on their own!
  • So, in a nutshell... It’s all about being passionate about our Young Living products...educating others about them and then teaching others to do the same. I hope this has been helpful to you, and thanks for listening!
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