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The Underachiever's To Do List by Amalah



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Everyone needs a to do list. Even a professional blogger.

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The Underachiever's To Do List by Amalah

  1. 1. A PAINFULLY OVER-DETAILED TO-LIST FOR UNDERACHIEVERS WHO REQUIRE A CONSTANT SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT<br />BASIC LIFE FUNCTIONSCARE OF SMALL HUMANS AND/OR MAMMALSRECOMMENDED BY THE HEALTH DEPARTMENTGet out of bedDrag from warm bedsTake out trashShower*ToiletingClean kitchenBrush teethSustenanceLaundryMake coffeeSend to school**Kick toys under couchGet dressed or at least put on fresh(er) pajamasWith backpack!**MoisturizeAnd lunch!**24 12 8 injury-free hoursLove and enrichment and listening and stuff<br />*Totally optional<br />**Humans only<br />WORK-TYPE THINGSEMAILS TO SEND*SOCIAL NETWORKINGUpdate to-do listMomUpdate personal blogCheck voicemailCoworker who smellsFacebookFigure out which voicemails can be returned via emailEmail that didn’t get binned as spam that you will say got binned as spam anywayTwitter / constant quest to get someone famous to reply @ youMeetingsSpouseUpdate other blogConference callNigerian PrinceAnd the other oneDo that thingRead blogsAnd the other thingLexulous<br />*May also include emails you have read, particularly ones that involved Thinking or Shopping Online<br />