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Rich Media Overview
Rich Media Overview
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Why Rich Media Matters

  1. Why Rich Media Matters
  2. Table of Contents Visual Anatomy Information Processing Visuals Improves Learning Visuals Drives Engagement
  3. Click the learn more buttons for more information LEARN MORE
  4. Our brains are hardwired to quickly process visuals. LEARN MORE
  5. 60,000X f a s t e r are processed Visuals in the than text. 1 LEARN MORE
  6. The brain processes cues in 250milliseconds visual LEARN MORE
  7. of information that comes to the 90% is visual. 1 LEARN MORE
  8. of all nerve fibers connected to the 40% are linked to the LEARN MORE
  9. 40 percent of people will respond better to Visual Info than alone.3 LEARN MORE
  10. Visual media improves learning. LEARN MORE
  11. C l a s s r o o m lights on apple 400%. 1 improve learning by up to Visual aids in the LEARN MORELEARN MORE
  12. We recall information from than just text alone.4 5 to 9x better LEARN MORE
  13. People following directions with Directions 1 A B B > LEARN MORE
  14. Directions 1 2 3 LEARN MORE
  15. do 323% better than those with only text.5 LEARN MORE
  16. Rich media drives engagement, and many of us prefer it. LEARN MORE
  17. 94% more Posts with visuals receive page visits and engagement than those without. 6 Visuals Visuals LEARN MORE
  18. 59%of senior executives prefer to watch instead of reading text.7 LEARN MORE
  19. of executives told Forbes they watch business-related 50% on YouTube. 8 LEARN MORE
  20. Just one month after the introduction of Visuals of LEARN MORE
  21. Facebook timeline for brands, visual content— photos and videos—saw a 65% increase in engagement. 3 LEARN MORE
  22. Publishers who use infographics LEARN MORE
  23. grow traffic an average of than those who don’t. 3 12% more LEARN MORE
  24. SOURCES: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  25. How you communicate matters. Are you helping your learners? Contact Allen Comm to get started Contact Us!