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Women entrepreneurship

  1. 1. Women Entrepreneurship Aafreen Shah Mohammed Amin, Roll No-93, MCOM(Business Management learner), semester-4, Subject-Entrepreneurship management.
  2. 2. The concept of Women Entrepreneur in India Kamal Singh who is a woman entrepreneur from Rajasthan, has defined woman entrepreneur as • “a confident, innovative and creative woman capable of achieving self-economic independence individually or in collaboration, • generates employment opportunities for others through initiating, establishing and running the enterprise by keeping pace with her personal, family and social life.”
  3. 3. Functions Of Women Entrepreneur Exploration of the prospects of starting a new business enterprise. Undertaking of risks and the handling of economic uncertainties involved in business. Introduction of innovations or imitation of innovations. Coordination, administration and control. Supervision and leadership.
  4. 4. The concept of women entrepreneurship Women entrepreneurship is the process in which the women performs the functions of an entrepreneur. ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROCESS PERFORMING FUNCTIONS OF ENTREPRENEUR Women entrepreneurship is the process in which the women performs the functions of an entrepreneur. ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROCESS PERFORMING FUNCTIONS OF ENTREPRENEUR
  5. 5. Contribution of women entreprenership in the economy of the society. Entrepreneurship provides the most powerful economically empowering avenue for women, for the community, and the nation. In India, as per the Business Report 2014 and Survey conducted by IFC, women-owned enterprises contribute 3.09% of industrial output and employ over 8 million people. About 98% of women-owned enterprises, however, are micro enterprises. The bulk of the businesses, roughly 78%, are in the services sector.
  6. 6. Problems faced by women entrepreneurs in india Problem of Finance. Scarcity of Raw Material. Stiff Competition. Limited Mobility. Family Ties. Lack of Education. Male-Dominated Society. Low Risk-Bearing Ability.
  7. 7. The corrective measures that need to be taken can be summed up as “Amplify and Simplify”. Amplify the women’s support systems like child care and family support. Amplify skill development and capacity building processes for soft skills, technology and management skills. Here it is important to make these measures effective through a focussed region- and individual-specific approach. A bottoms-up approach in choosing a business venture, starting with the mapping of the individual profile to the business opportunities and industry/sector, and ultimately linking this to the regional advantages like natural resources, manpower etc., will enhance the success rate.
  8. 8. The corrective measures that need to be taken can be summed up as “Amplify and Simplify”. • Amplify mentoring and market linkage to support for women owned enterprises through networks like women entrepreneur associations. Another good practice is to share resources and document and spread entrepreneurial success stories. • Simplify the external entrepreneurial ecosystem by enabling ease of doing business, including easy access to credit facilities such as collateral-free loans from banks, FIs and MFIs. • Simplify government schemes eligibility criteria, documentation and clearance mechanisms. Bring in smarter technology, single-window clearances and better inter-departmental co-ordination to enable simpler, faster, transparent and effective service delivery for women start-ups.
  9. 9. Ishrat Shahabuddin Shaikh- an emerging entrepreneur of Mumbai ( news by Rehan Ansari.
  10. 10. About Ishrat shahabuddin shaikh • Ishrat Shahabuddin Shaikh, 42, a widow and an entrepreneur who epitomizes the idea of brilliant management as she runs her eating joint and also brings up five kids all alone. Born and brought up in Azamgarh Shaikh comes from a modestly rich family. She migrated to Mumbai after she got married Shahabuddin Shaikh at the age of 18. • Shanno as Ishrat is popularly known within her family, was a housewife enjoying a peaceful and happy life until her family met with an accident in 2002. She lost her husband; her daughter, Khansa and other two daughters Zara and Sara got seriously injured. While talking to TCN, Ishrat said, “That gruesome accident shattered my life into pieces. I was in a situation, where on the one hand I had to bring up my kids and at the same time I had to take over the business. Then there was SAFA School also, which was the dream of my husband.”
  11. 11. SHALIMAR – OWNED BY ISHRAT The most important aspect of the hotel is the taste of food it serves. “Taste of our dishes has improved a lot since the time Ishrat Madam took over,” informed, Abdul Rehman Azmi, manager of the hotel. “She even introduced sweet section and consolidated Dastarkhwan; five enclosed cabins offer sit-down seating from 2 people to a dozen, pure white upholstery and rare privacy in Mumbai. Each cabin has its own telephone and more importantly best suited for the family,” said Abdul Rehman Azmi.
  12. 12. SAFA HIGH SCHOOL & JR COLLEGE- RUN BY ISHRAT SHAHABUDDIN SHAIKH. Dongri Sandhurst Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra , India, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India